Hearing Tests

Your hearing aid will be specifically calibrated to make up for your level of hearing loss, but before a professional  can have your device fitted for you we will first have to gauge your level of hearing loss. Because hearing is so complex, your test will actually require a series of evaluations that will provide the information we need to recommend the right hearing device for your needs.

At Canary Hearing, our professionals have been providing hearing tests and hearing aid fitting services for clients in Annapolis,  Anne Arundel County, the Eastern Shore, and Maryland for over 40 years. With our extensive experience and dedication to providing the best service in the business, your hearing will be in good hands when you entrust it to the experts at Canary Hearing.

What to expect during your hearing test

Whether or not you’re experiencing hearing loss, it is recommended that adults receive a hearing test at age 50 to provide a baseline against which future hearing impairment can be judged. During the hearing test, your hearing services provider will begin with a visual inspection of your ear using a device called an otoscope. After the initial visual inspection, there are a variety of supplemental tests that may be performed depending on your history and specific needs. Your testing battery might include:

  • Pure tone tests
  • Middle ear tests
  • Speech audiometry
  • Otometric measurements

Once your tests have been completed, we will give you a visual representation of your hearing loss using an audiogram. This diagram will allow you to understand your hearing issues by illuminating which frequencies (pitches), and volumes you have trouble picking up on.

By completing this thorough hearing test process, we will be able to understand the level of your hearing loss as well as its underlying causes. This information will allow us to recommend the right hearing aid technology that will meet your unique needs during the hearing aid fitting process. While it may sound daunting, the professionals at Canary Hearing will provide you with individualized attention and care throughout your hearing tests so that any and all of your questions will be fully answered and appropriate solutions will be thoroughly discussed.