Hearing Aid Service and Maintenance

While your hearing aid will require minimal upkeep to ensure it stays in good working order, it is important that patients understand the routine maintenance and care that it takes to keep their device functional. By performing simple maintenance tasks routinely, you’ll help to lower the risk that your hearing aid will require repair later on down the line and ensure that your hearing aid provides optimal performance every time you use it.

At Canary Hearing, we have been providing hearing aid service and maintenance to our clients throughout Maryland–including the Eastern Shore and Anne Arundel County– from our offices in Annapolis for over 40 years. With our expertise in fitting and repairing virtually all types of hearing aids, you can trust that your ears will be in good hands when you work with the professionals at Canary Hearing.

Hearing aid routine maintenance

When it comes to hearing aids, it is important that users maintain them routinely to ensure that they work their best. Luckily, maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated!

  • Avoid moisture. Because hearing aids are technological devices, it is important to protect them from moisture damage which can quickly wreak havoc on the internal components of the device. Always take care to remove your hearing aid before bathing, showering, swimming, or any other situations where it may get wet. If you don’t want to have to worry about moisture, you’ll want to be sure to choose a waterproof hearing aid.
  • Dry it properly if it does get wet. Life is full of unexpected situations and at some point or another, you’ll likely get your hearing aid wet. If this happens, it is important that you allow it to dry properly using specialized cleaning and drying systems. During your hearing aid fitting, we will educate you on how to care for your hearing aid if it does get wet due to sweat or an unexpected downpour.
  • Keep your hearing aid clean. Hearing aids will naturally collect buildup which should be cleaned off routinely. Cleaning procedures will vary depending on which type of hearing aid you use, so your professional will guide you through the cleaning process during your fitting appointment.

By caring for your hearing aid properly, you can help ensure that it works properly. If your hearing aid becomes damaged, then feel free to bring it back into Canary Hearing where we can repair virtually any type of device.