Stages of Hearing Loss

Most of us are able to hear very well for much of our lives. Because of this, we tend to take our hearing for granted. Unfortunately, hearing normally changes over time. The change in hearing normally progresses slowly so it is difficult for us to detect at first. Many people go through a lengthy process of coming to terms with changes in their hearing.

Over the past 40 years, Canary Hearing has helped countless patients take control of their hearing impairment by offering hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and additional hearing services that help our clients hear better than ever. From our office in  Annapolis, we are able to serve patients throughout Maryland, including the Eastern Shore and Anne Arundel County. In the course of working with thousands of patients, we have observed the following stages of hearing loss:

Other people notice our hearing loss before we do
It is common for other people to be affected by your hearing loss before you notice it. When your hearing begins to change, you’ll gradually turn the television up higher than what is comfortable for others. You’ll start asking those around us to repeat because it sounds like they are mumbling.

Eventually, we begin to notice the effects of hearing loss
At some point, it dawns on you that you don’t enjoy going out with others as much as you used to. Noisy restaurants make it difficult to hear what others are saying. You may even have been embarrassed by not being able to hear a waitress talk about the specials of the day. The television is up even louder, but sometimes you still miss things.

“It’s not that bad yet, I can still hear what I want to hear”
Most people wait about seven years before deciding that it’s time to improve their hearing. A combination of denial, embarrassment, and vanity make it easy to procrastinate. All the while, your hearing loss is having a negative affect on your relationships with those around you. You may even begin making subtle changes in behavior because you don’t hear as well in groups as you used to. You may not always respond to a loved one because you get tired of asking them to repeat themselves.

“I guess it’s time to do something”
Maybe it’s a grandchild walking away from you in frustration because you weren’t able to hear them clearly. Perhaps you have missed one too many punch-lines. Or maybe you recently had a talk with your family doctor. You finally decide it’s time to do something.

“Why didn’t I do this years ago!”
If you thought hearing aids were big and uncomfortable and made everything too loud, prepare to be pleasantly surprised! With a new hearing aid, you will be able to hear voices more clearly than you have in ages, the television is down, and you will actually be able to hear pretty well in groups again. Socializing with family and friends will become enjoyable again. Hardly anyone will notice that you’re wearing hearing aids, but they certainly notice how well you’re hearing. Don’t wait years to find out how a hearing aid can improve your life!