Hearing Aid Fitting

For most people with hearing loss, a properly fit set of hearing instruments is the best way to improve hearing. Those who search are likely to find that the sheer volume of information about hearing aids can be overwhelming. One of the most important things we do at Canary Hearing is to help you navigate through all the different options in order to find a choice that’s best suited for you. We then use highly specialized otometric measurements to ensure your new hearing instruments are optimally fit. The end result is not just better hearing, but the best hearing you can have.

With more than 40 years of experience providing expertly fitted hearing aids, Canary Hearing can ensure that the hearing aid we choose is right for you. We provide expert hearing aid fitting services to clients throughout Maryland–including the Eastern Shore and Anne Arundel County–from our offices in Annapolis.

What should I expect during my hearing aid fitting appointment?

The hearing aid fitting process goes beyond simply choosing a hearing aid and sending you on your way. Your new hearing aid must be fitted specifically to you so that sounds will be amplified correctly in order for you to receive maximum benefits from your new device.

Prior to your fitting, we will conduct hearing tests so that we understand your level of hearing loss and can recommend a device with the right amount of gain. During your appointment, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle, preferences, and any previous experience with hearing aids so that we can be sure to recommend devices that will work for you. We will describe different features of hearing aids that are available and the benefits of different types of hearing aid technology. Using your answers as well as the results of your hearing test, we’ll be equipped to help you find the hearing aid that will best serve your needs.

Our results are superior because we use a unique otometric process – the most precise way to fit hearing aids acoustically. We then use highly specialized otometric measurements to ensure your new hearing instruments are optimally fit. The end result is not just better hearing but the best hearing you can have.

We will provide you with different options at different price points so that you can choose the one that works best for you. Once a device has been chosen, we will program your hearing aid to ensure that it properly amplifies sounds and is adjusted to your level of hearing loss. After programming is complete, we will give you an overview on proper care and maintenance so that you’ll be ready to begin enjoying the benefits of better hearing.

The importance of your follow-up care

Research indicates that it takes most people six to eight weeks to fully acclimate to a change in hearing.  That is why we will see you for a number of visits in the weeks following your initial fitting.  The adjustments and fine tuning that are performed during these visits are invaluable to helping you attain optimal results.  Additionally, any accessories that you may use with your hearing aids, such as blue tooth devices or in-home alerting systems, are usually set up during these follow-up visits.