Here is what our patients have to say about us!

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Dear Mike,

I have now used my hearing aids for eight months and the results have been a giant step to re-entering the talking world. My wife is absolutely delighted. In addition, a special note of appreciation is due you and your staff for the most courteous and prompt replacement of my DHC remote control unit. It is always a pleasure to be able to say something nice. I cannot say enough about your dedication in returning the sounds of the human voice to me. Your professional attitude and gracious dedication will long be remembered.

Wishing you and your staff the best of the New Year, I remain,

My new hearing aids made a huge difference in my life. Instead of smiling vaguely during group conversations or puzzling over words on TV, I heard what was said – I could participate! My enjoyment of movies, friends, family increased by bounds. After I received my aids, I realized that I had unwittingly interrupted others because I hadn’t realized they were talking!

On feature of my new aids that I am so grateful for is the little tab that lets me talk on the phone with the hearing aid in my ear but not interfering like my old ones. This had been a constant annoyance, as I had to remove the aid and frequently forgot it at whatever phone I had used.

I must say how appreciative I am of the solicitous attention given by Canary Hearing Aids. This is a really good family, and expert at helping hearing problems. We are lucky to have them in Heritage Harbour.


Dr. S.,

Thank you for sending me to Mr. Canary for my hearing aids. They fit perfectly and I can hear sounds I have not heard in years. Some sounds I had completely forgotten. They are the best present I have ever had; what a great way to celebrate my 65th birthday!

Thank you!

To Mike,

Your “Team” enriched my life for bringing voices back so I could truly enjoy life again.

Heartfelt Thanks,

Dear Canarys,

Thank you for the wonderful gift of new hearing aids. They are working wonderfully. Everyone who knows I have them is very excited for me as well. Thanks again for all your time to help me out.

God Bless!

Dear Michael,

Thank you so very much for providing special service to both of my hearing aids last Friday 11/4. You really went “beyond the call of duty”, and fixed each aid in record time! Sure am enjoying the balanced hearing and that I can answer the phone at the office hearing much better!


Dear members of the Canary family,

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the emergency appointment late yesterday afternoon at your office. When the tubing broke on my aid, I was completely helpless in terms of conversation and general functioning. I could not even use the phone to make an appointment.

Fortunately, my friend was able to call you, and then drive me to your office where one of the younger Mr. Canary saw me and fixed the problem in just a few moments, and as a courtesy. He was as pleasant and kind as his father whom I had seen for a number of years a decade or so ago.

I shall be returning to you for any further service I need. My hearing aids are vital to me, and I feel sure your team will help me to maximize the small amount of hearing I still have.

Thank you all!


Dear Mr. Canary,

Thank you for coming to [local nursing home] to test my sister’s hearing and an even bigger thank you for how you treated her. You treated her as an individual. You were professional yet friendly. Calm and relaxed and attentive. The whole session was so pleasant not only for her but for me as a spectator. Over the years, I have had Anna to many doctors, technicians, etc. you are there with the best.

Sincerely Yours,

was so impressed with your son when he visited her to adjust her aid. He was so compassionate and kind, she was so appreciative. I must thank you for your kind generosity and thank you for giving H. the assistance she required.

Many Thanks,