Noise Protection Products

Hearing is an incredibly delicate sense that can be easily damaged, which is why it is so important to protect your sensitive ears from noises that could cause irreparable and lifelong problems. Given the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people are exposed to noise levels that are damaging to their hearing even though they may not realize it. Even the sound from a kitchen blender or gas lawn mower can be enough to damage your hearing, so it is important to provide proper protection for your hearing.  At Canary Hearing, we offer a wide variety of noise protection products to help patients in Anne Arundel County, the Eastern Shore, and Annapolis Maryland protect their hearing.

How do loud noises cause hearing loss?

The hair cells in your inner ear are responsible for sending electrical impulses to your brain which then understands and interprets the sounds. Unfortunately, these hair cells are highly sensitive and can be irreparably damaged when exposed to loud noises, causing permanent hearing impairment or loss. There is currently no treatment available to repair damaged hair cells, but hearing aids and other wearable devices can compensate for the damaged regions of your hearing.

Protect your hearing with noise protection products

Your hearing system cannot be repaired, so it is important to protect your hearing from loud noises that could cause lifelong damage. At Canary Hearing, we provide a range of noise protection products that are designed to muffle loud noises so that they will not cause damage to the sensitive systems of your ear. Prevention is key when it comes to hearing loss, and noise protection products are a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that your hearing isn’t damaged due to environmental noises.

It is important to wear hearing protection when you know you will be exposed to loud noises. Whether you are getting ready to mow the lawn, watch a live concert, or light off fireworks, taking the time to don noise protection products will help to ensure that your activity won’t result in lifelong hearing problems. Cotton balls in your ears will not provide adequate protection: For protection you can trust, we will need to fit you with a custom earmold that can lower damaging noises to a comfortable level. It  is best to wear your noise protection products anytime you will be around loud noises, but if you find yourself in an unexpected situation, always cover your ears and try to get away from the sound as quickly as possible to prevent damage.