Hearing Aid Repair

Like all technological devices, hearing aids are at risk of damage that will make them less effective or potentially stop working completely. While they may be tiny, hearing aids contain many moving parts and pieces that must work perfectly together in order for your hearing aid to do its job effectively. That means that if you’re having an issue with your hearing aid, it’s important to bring it to an experienced professional who can provide hearing aid testing and repair services that will get your device back to good working order efficiently and correctly.

At Canary Hearing, we provide top-quality hearing aid repair services to clients throughout Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Anne Arundel County from our offices in Annapolis. When you choose Canary Hearing to fit your hearing aid, you can trust that we will ensure your device meets your needs for its entire lifetime by providing the service, maintenance, and repair that it takes to keep it functioning to the best of its ability.

Some types of issues with your hearing aid can be quickly and easily fixed by the user. Before rushing out to have a professional repair your device, ensure that your hearing aid:

  • Is properly cleaned
  • Turned on
  • Volume is turned up
  • Has a full battery

If none of these factors turn out to be the cause of your trouble, Canary Hearing will be able to repair your hearing aid, no matter the style or the technology it uses. We have extensive experience with hearing aid repair and we can fix even the latest digital and wireless technologies. No matter the make, style, model, or size of your hearing aid, we will be able to repair it quickly so you can get back to life as usual.

When to contact your hearing aid professional

Sometimes it can be hard to know whether or not your hearing aid is in need of repair, so it’s important to watch out for warning signs that it is not functioning properly. If you notice whistling or feedback, erratic volume changes, or any issues with interference then you will need to bring your hearing aid in for professional repair. No matter what type of problem your hearing aid is experiencing, the hearing aid specialists at Canary Hearing will have what it takes to fix it efficiently and affordably.