5 Hearing Protection Tips for Workers

Hearing Protection for Workers

Noise at job sites can do serious damage to your hearing. Here are 5 hearing protection tips!

Whether you are working at noisy job sites every day or in a busy factory, protecting your hearing might seem like a low priority. However, hearing loss won’t just stop when you clock out every day and the effects can seep into your personal life as well. Here are five hearing protection tips for workers to keep your hearing crystal clear.

Have a Daily Routine

Making earplugs or earmuffs part of your everyday routine is a great way to get in the habit of using hearing protection. If you choose a high-quality model designed for industrial use, you will be safe every day on the job.

Avoid Loud Environments Whenever Possible

Many people know that jackhammer operators or concert security guards can suffer hearing loss due to their lines of work, but many people don’t realize that hearing damage can occur in any loud work environment. Machinery, vehicles, and even the ambient volume of the room can all lead to hearing loss.

Use Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are gaining popularity, as they offer you a high-quality rendition of your favorite songs without needing to crank them up high to drown out background noise. This is a great way to limit the volumes your ears experience at work and reduce noise pollution.

Butt Out

Are you a smoker? Chances are, you’ve already heard the many reasons that you should quit—your breathing, your lungs, your heart, and the increased risk of many types of cancer. However, many smokers don’t realize that smoking can damage your hearing as well. One of the easiest hearing protection tips is to never smoke, or, quit immediately if you do.

Break Out the Ear Plugs

If you are ever concerned about the volume level where you are, don’t be afraid to break out the ear plugs. This hearing protection device goes a long way, especially if you already have hearing loss or are at an increased risk of developing it.

Hearing Protection for the Whole Family

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