5 Great Holiday Gifts for Those with Hearing Loss


Have you picked out something special for your loved one this holiday season?

Holiday gift-giving is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already you’re probably thinking of gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Some people can be quite a challenge to shop for. If you have a spouse, family member or friend that has hearing loss, why not find something they can really use? Gifts for hearing loss don’t have to be boring! Here are a few gift ideas your loved one is sure to appreciate.


  • Alarm clocks that work. It’s the little things that make living with hearing loss difficult, such as not being able to hear an alarm when it’s time to get up or attend an important meeting. Alarm clocks that vibrate or simulate a colored sunrise can help solve this problem.
  • Earplugs or earmuffs. A lot of hearing loss is due to frequent exposure to loud noises. Whether it’s recreational activities such as music, shooting, or something work-related, it’s always worth investing in solutions to prevent further damage. People with hearing loss tend to put greater value on the hearing they have left, and also tend to be more sensitive to loud sounds. As such, earplugs and earmuffs make excellent gifts.
  • Hearing aid batteries. Swapping out hearing aid batteries can be a fuss. Hearing aid batteries make great stocking stuffers. Just make sure you buy the right size for their device.
  • Wireless headphones. For people that struggle to hear the television, a wireless headphone system is an incredible boon. These systems use a transmitter that plugs into the audio jack of the television, and can be adjusted independent of the television’s volume.

Better Hearing Starts with Canary Hearing

Are you experiencing hearing loss? Canary Hearing can help. We are a family owned and operated hearing aid dispensing practice with over 40 years of professional hearing correction experience. Our full time hearing care professionals can assist you in selecting and fitting the right hearing aids  to help you start living  life to the fullest. Get in touch with Canary Hearing today or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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