Tips for Living with Tinnitus

living with tinnitus

Although there’s no cure for tinnitus, symptoms can be managed with some help.

If you hear a constant ringing in your ears, you may be among the millions of Americans living with tinnitus. Aging, loud noises, and certain medications can all contribute to damaging our hearing apparatus and causing this phenomenon. Sometimes tinnitus is also triggered by migraines or caffeine consumption. Tinnitus can be especially frustrating to live with, but with some help it can be managed.

Coping with Tinnitus

Although there’s no cure for tinnitus, symptoms can be minimized. If your tinnitus makes it difficult for you to focus, causes anxiety or depression, or interferes with your sleep you should seek the care of an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat physician). Here are a few tips that may help you cope with mild tinnitus.

  • Make sure you are receiving adequate rest and avoiding fatigue. Keeping your head propped up in an elevated position when you sleep can also help reduce congestion and make tinnitus less noticeable.
  • Stress and anxiety will only contribute to overstimulating a sensitive hearing system and making tinnitus symptoms worse. Try to find ways to relax and ease your mood. Yoga, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation techniques can help mask tinnitus symptoms and improve concentration. Exercise is a mood booster for just about everyone and can lower stress related to tinnitus.
  • Stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and smoking (nicotine) should be avoided as they can make the ringing in your ears appear louder. Smoking in particular restricts proper blood flow to the nerve cells that control your hearing.
  • Tinnitus is more noticeable in quiet environments. Playing soft music or listening to white noise may help mask tinnitus and make it less irritating. For sleeping, a bedside sound machine or fan may help. Some people also find that using a hearing aid to amplify outside noises assists in masking tinnitus.
  • Protect your hearing. Loud noises are a common cause of tinnitus and can also make symptoms worse. Furthermore, hearing loss will only contribute to making tinnitus worse. Make sure that you wear earplugs in noise polluted environments and keep digital music at 60% of volume or lower.

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