Tips for Sleeping with Tinnitus

sleeping with tinnitus

Sleeping with tinnitus can be difficult and needless to say, exhausting.

Sleeping with tinnitus can be difficult and needless to say, exhausting. As we’ve discussed before, tinnitus is a disconcerting ear condition that typically manifests as a loud, persistent ringing sound. Because of this constant noise, it can be extremely challenging to get some rest. In this blog, we will give you some tips for sleeping with tinnitus.

Sleeping with Tinnitus is About to Get Easier

  • Try using some relaxation exercises: Relaxation exercises, and mindfulness exercises in general, can help you destress. Destressing after a taxing day can help everyone get better sleep, tinnitus or not. After all, being overstressed could trigger or worsen your tinnitus symptoms. Physically  exercising regularly can also help you relieve stress as well.
  • Exercise more regularly: You should also try to exercise more regularly. Not only will this help you sleep, but it will also help your overall feeling of well-being. A word of caution, though; avoid exercising too close to bedtime. Although you might think this will help you feel more tired more quickly, it will actually make you feel more alert.
  • Go to sleep when you are sleepy: Going to sleep when you feel sleepy definitely helps. It is another important way to get better rest when sleeping with tinnitus. To ensure more refreshing sleep, you should also try going to bed around the same time each night. Helping your body’s circadian rhythms adjust to a consistent sleep routine will help, especially if you get up at the same time every day, too. Doing this will improve your sleep in general.
  • Consider sleeping environment conditions: One surefire to improve your chances sleeping with tinnitus is to consider how you sleep. In other words, consider your sleeping environment’s conditions. Too cold or too warm, and you can’t get comfortable. Restrict your caffeine and nicotine consumption at night, since these substances both act as stimulants. Reading or watching TV right before bed will actually make you feel more alert. Instead, get up to read in a different room until you feel sleepy again.

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