5 Easy Steps for Protecting Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing

Easing down the volume on your earbuds goes a long way towards protecting your hearing!

Protecting your hearing is one of the easiest and most important ways you can stay healthy. More importantly it can help prevent or at least delay hearing loss. In this blog we will outline 5 easy steps for protecting your hearing. So listen up! Ask not what you ears can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for your ears.

Protecting Your Hearing is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…


    1. Use earplugs when exposed to loud noise: Like many of the other steps on our list, this boils down to common sense. Noise-induced hearing loss is all too common. So, use earplugs any time you’ll be in a situation where you can expect prolonged exposure to loud noise, such as concerts or work environments. Earplugs are easy to get and to maintain, and you can even have them custom-fitted if you wish.
    2. Ease the volume down: Do you enjoy listening to music or podcasts as you go about your day? Now, do you listen through headphones or earphones? Either way, make sure to ease the volume down. The best suggestion we can give you is to listen to headphones or earphones sparingly and carefully. Listen to no more than 60% for 60 minutes a day.
    3. Let your ears recover: By that same vein, don’t forget to let your ears recover. Give your ears at least five minutes time to rest after exposure to loud noises or music. Love going out on weekends? One loud night can cost your ears sixteen hours recovery time, so keep that in mind, too!
    4. Keep your ears dry! Do you love going swimming? If so, protect your ears! After swimming or bathing, tilt your head on both sides to help get the water out. Another option is to use swimmer’s’ earplugs. These custom pieces are great for both children and adults.
    5. Don’t stress out: Stress and anxiety are detrimental to your health in numerous ways. But one of the most surprising ways they can hurt you is through your hearing. High stress levels can overtax your body, affecting bodily processes such as the nervous system, blood flow, and body heat. It may be difficult, but managing stress helps tremendously in protecting your hearing.

Better Hearing Starts with Canary Hearing

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