Hearing Aids and Your Spouse: How to Convince Them

hearing aids and your spouse

Hearing aids and your spouse do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Hearing aids and your spouse do not need to be mutually exclusive. How do you convince them they should get hearing aids? Unfortunately, a cultural stigma still exists. This stigma surrounding hearing aids and hearing loss might make your spouse reluctant to seek hearing help. In this blog, we’ll cover how to encourage them.

Hearing Aids and Your Spouse Can Get Along!

  • Be sure that you approach your spouse gently. Bring up the topic without being forceful or pushy about it. Instead, use empathy. Listen to them and be willing to accept their doubts and worries about being fit with hearing aids . The important thing is to convey your concern, and not sound harsh and/or critical.
  • Ultimately it is worth it. Left untreated, hearing loss will only get worse. What’s worse is the potential for their health to decline in other ways: dementia and depression are two major health conditions that are associated with hearing loss.
  • Because they might feel too embarrassed or humiliated to do it themselves, you should encourage your spouse to have a hearing consultation. You might notice certain patterns of behavior, even if they are too stubborn to admit that they are noticing them too. They could also be in denial. In conversation, they might have to ask others to repeat themselves. Or, crowded social events become less enjoyable for your spouse.

Have you noticed your spouse feeling increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed in certain settings? Hearing loss could be the culprit, and hearing aids could be the answer. There are a number of solutions, of course. Help them choose among the different types of hearing aids. Help to fight the stigma, and increase awareness and acceptance. Take their comfort level into account as you begin this journey.

Your spouse may prefer a hearing aid that is inconspicuous. Or they might lean towards hearing aids that are smaller and easier to put on and take off. New devices don’t need to disrupt their lifestyle. After all, hearing aids are only supposed to help improve their quality of life.

Better Hearing Starts with Canary Hearing

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