Tips for Turning On Your Hearing Aid

turning on your hearing aid

It may seem simple, but turning on your hearing aid can be trickier than it seems.

It may seem simple, but turning on your hearing aid can be trickier than it seems. Since smaller hearing aids are sleeker, with no obvious on/off switch, how to turn your hearing aids on/off is an important question. In this blog, we’ll cover how to turn on your hearing aid.

A Simple Solution for Turning On Your Hearing Aid

With all of the technological advances in hearing aids, sometimes the simplest solutions can be overlooked. Have you tried completely closing the battery door on your hearing aid? That may be all you need to do to activate it. Closing the battery door completes the circuit that allows the hearing aid to work.  When it’s time to take off your hearing aid for the day, be sure to reopen the battery door. This step might sound counterproductive, but it isn’t. Opening the battery door will help to conserve battery life.

If you plan on going a long time without wearing your hearing aids, you should completely remove the battery. Removing the battery will reduce  drain on the battery and allow moisture to evaporate as well. Preventing battery corrosion is an important part of maintaining your hearing aids.

I’ve Tried That, And My Hearing Aid Still Won’t Turn On!

Even if you close the battery door, there is still a chance that your hearing aid won’t turn on. There are other reasons why this could be happening. Perhaps your hearing aid batteries have died. Hearing aid batteries generally last seven to ten days.  Change the batteries, and be sure to keep spare ones on hand.

Wax and moisture blockages can also occur. Blockages can be removed by regular cleaning or drying of the aids in a special dehumidifier. This method can prevent or minimize the possibility of hearing aid malfunction. Have you already tried a new battery and cleaned the hearing aid? Do you still have no luck turning on your hearing aid? It may be time to consult with a hearing professional for service on your hearing aids.

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