What You Should Know About Noise and Noise Protection Earplugs

Noise Protection Earplugs

Noise is a part of life. What should you know about noise and noise protection earplugs?

Noise is a constant part of life no matter where we go. No matter what we do, we must always take care to protect our hearing, one of our most vital senses. In this blog we’ll talk about what noise is and what noise protection earplugs are to do in countering noise.

What’s That Noise?

At its basic level, noise is understood as “characterized by intensity, measured in decibels; pitch, measured in hertz or kilohertz, and duration.” Noise can damage your hearing, especially long term exposure to extremely loud noises. Loud enough noises can disrupt attention and even harm the body beyond just hearing: tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears, can become a  permanent problem. Anxiety, irritability, pulse rate and blood pressure spikes, and increased stomach acid can all be unpleasant side effects caused by noise damage.

Noise Protection Earplugs

Fortunately, many types of anti-noise hearing protections are available. One of these types of protection is known as noise protection earplugs. These earplugs can be custom-fitted to your ears, much like hearing aids can. Remember to wear noise protection earplugs and other associated noise protectors properly. This is to maximize protection and prevent improper use from damaging your hearing even more or harming you in some other way. Conventional earplugs present a number of problems, making them inadequate for noise protection. What might those problems be?

  • Extant earplugs reduce too much noise in both industry and environment. While reducing noise is good, if it’s too quiet that can be just as dangerous as it being too loud.
  • No matter how they are built, existing earplugs distort speech, leaving their users unable to hear speech clearly.
  • Similar to the above problem, the occlusion effect can occur. The occlusion effect occurs when the user’s voice sounds hollow.
  • Perhaps earplugs are not even worn by the user at all! This could be because they want to hear speech, machines, or music more clearly than with the earplugs in.

Better Hearing Starts with Canary Hearing

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